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IT solutions for Nuclear Industry


Smart FuelSmartFuel is a solution providing means of registration, control, planning of and reporting on the cycle of nuclear and non-nuclear elements on the NPP premises. It consolidates different information from various departments of the NPP, enhances the traceability of the nuclear fuel and supports decision-making.

Common Features

The basic features of the system include:

  • Storing information about both nuclear and non-nuclear objects
    • Nuclear fuel deliveries
    • Fresh fuel containers (incl. movement history, deliveries and content)
    • Both nuclear and non-nuclear elements (incl. location, integrity and pressurization control and movement history)
    • Specific information about fuel assemblies (incl. isotopic composition, gas sipping test results, burn-up depth and decay heat)
    • Fresh and spent nuclear fuel casks (incl. movement history and content)
    • Nuclear fuel cycles (incl. participating fuel assemblies and cycle power history)
  • Defining types, sorts, profiles and enrichment of fuel assemblies
  • Interactive fuel patterns of zones, casks and containers.
  • Interactive planning, plan validation and plan execution of object movement in/between zones and casks/containers
  • Reporting based on past, current and planned state
    • Predefined reports for common scenarios
    • Advanced reports for specific needs
  • Multiple user authentication mechanisms
    • Basic username/password authentication
    • Active Directory integration
  • Batch importing of data
    • Importing decay heat information for multiple fuel assemblies
    • Importing burn-up depth information
    • Importing pressurization control and gas sipping test results
  • Exporting in multiple formats
    • Export of every data tables in PDF, Excel, CSV and text formats
    • Generation of element and container passports in printable PDF format
  • Flexible authorization
    • Support for user groups
    • Role-based access control per zone
  • Context-based help pages
  • Multilingual interface

In Action

Smart Fuel

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul for NPP

Archimed MROArchimed MRO is a MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaoul) Client/Server software, designed and developed for safe, reliable, stable and predictable maintemamce work in the areas of energy, transport and infrastructure.

Archimed MRO provides automation in planning, implementation and monitoring of all maintenance activities, both for capital and emergency repairs, based on the Configuration changes.

The Solution

The solution has been developed after the requirements of IAEA, and is proven in real life on site inside Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant of Armenia.

Archimed MRO is capable to handle very big amount of data and related transactions:

  • Equipment: more than 25,000 items, practically unlimited
  • Locations: 300, practically unlimited
  • Rooms: 300, practically unlimited
  • Spare parts: more than 50,000 per year, practically unlimited
  • Process systems: 150, practically unlimited
  • Personnel: 1,000, practically unlimited
  • Departments: 50, practically unlimited
  • Work-orders: 200 per day (outage peak value), more than a 1,000 peak value
  • Storage of historic data: more than 20 years

At the same time, Archimed MRO allows precise tracking of costs and helps making a correct management decisions. Developed after the nuclear energy standards, Archimed MRO provides advanced tools and capabilities for agile custom development, stable and reliable operation, easy access to content and flexible integration for open data exchange.

eng services 01DAVID Holding Co. is providing the engineering & EPC companies with engineering and services since 1996. Working closely with partners and customers, customers, DAVID Holding Co. is providing effective solutions and engineering services for design and manufacturing in power & heavy industries and transportation, power generation, infrastructure and manufacturing.

eng services 02DAVID Holding has built up its trusted reputation of responsible partner in engineering and manufacturing automation market. At present time, (January 2017) SpaceCAD provides the full spectrum of solution and engineering service for the design and manufacturing companies:

  • Product design ((Intergraph, Bentley Systems, SIEMENS NX)
  • FEM/FEA & CFD simulation (Intergraph, COMSOL, SIEMENS FEMAP/NASTRAN)
  • Process simulation and optimization (ESI ProCAST CAE)
  • Product lifecycle management solutions (trough SIEMENS Teamcenter)
  • Other, engineering related


DAVID Holding has adopted and supports ISO 9001:2000, ISO 27000 and ISO 20000 certified workflows for product design that guarantee the quality of our engineering services through:

  • Risk analysis and risk prevention planning
  • Phase/gate project management
  • Information security control
  • Service infrastructure and process safety
  • Customers' requirements tracking and industry standards compliance
  • Third party copyrights respect.

Referent services (short list):

Look at our engineering services

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